Bucket Elevators

We have developed an extremely efficient, reliable and quiet continuous bucket elevator, which is suited to elevate a wide range of products, and in particular coal, as it results in virtually no degradation of the product.

The buckets are carried between two parallel strands of precision conveyor chain, which run in fully lined continuous guides on both the carry and the return side. This results in a greater chain life, and makes the elevator very quiet.

In 1999, we installed a 23m high bucket elevator (pictured right), rated at 50tph, at the Timaru hospital, and low noise was a priority. On completion of commissioning, the Project team from Arrow International remarked that it was so quiet and smooth it was like a Rolls Royce!

Drive is via a shaft mounted geared motor, fitted with a brake motor, to prevent run-back. We also fit the chain take-up at the top of the elevator, which means that the bottom chain sprockets are fixed in position. This allows for a plastic lined curved sheet to be fitted to the bottom of the elevator, which closely matches the path of the buckets, thereby greatly minimising the amount of product that can accumulate there.

We also line the discharge chute from the elevator with plastic to reduce both wear and noise.