Screw or auger conveyors are capable of handling a great variety of materials which have relatively good flowability. They may have numerous feed and discharge openings, each of which can have a regulating gate, and are very adaptable to the volume control of material from the bottom of bins, storage piles, etc. They can also heat and cool the material if required.

We can manufacture screw flighting from as small as 50mm diameter, up to a massive 900mm diameter, and have built screws up to 33m long, without the need for any intermediate hanger bearings.

Depending on the application, the screw and casing can be fabricated from mild steel, either painted or galvanised, or from stainless steel, either T304 or T316 grade. The trough can be fitted with hold-down or carry angles, and can also be fully lined with plastic, UHMWPE or similar.

We have built augers to handle a diverse range of products, such as coal, wood chips, ash, lime, grain, ice cream, meat and bone products, and even whole sheep carcasses.

We have also fabricated screw conveyors that are fitted with paddles, ribbon flighting and spray nozzles, where dry dusty products such as ash can be mixed with a water spray, to dampen the product down, before final disposal.