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Belt conveyors are by far the most common type of conveyor. Our range of belt conveyors is virtually unlimited, as shown by a few varied examples in the photo gallery.

The smallest belt conveyor that we have manufactured was for a West Coast Dairy factory, and was 200mm wide and only 600mm long. When we travelled to the site to install this conveyor, it fitted easily into the boot of a car. By contrast, the largest belt conveyor that we have manufactured was for a West Coast coal mine. This conveyor was capable of handling 2000 tonnes of coal per hour, and needed to be transported to site on several truck and trailer units.

We have designed, built and installed numerous belt conveyors in critical hygiene areas for freezing works, dairy factories and ice cream plants, and have developed an extremely efficient and compact quick release mechanism to aid in cleaning under the belts. With these installations, the conveyor structure is fabricated from either T304 or T316 stainless steel.

Our bulk material handling conveyor range includes a number of different options to allow for product discharge into multiple locations.

For multiple hopper or discharge points spanning a distance of up to 20m, we have built shuttle conveyors where the conveyor is mounted on rails and the whole conveyor is pulled along by a chain drive system.

If the multiple hopper or discharge points span a distance greater than 20m, and up to 150m, it is more cost effective to build a fixed conveyor fitted with a movable tripper. With this configuration, the discharge tripper unit is pulled along by a chain drive system, and the product can be discharged efficiently to a large number of locations.

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